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About Banco



Established in 1962, we are one of Melbourne’s most well established property developers and investors. We specialise in socially and environmentally sustainable developments and urban regeneration projects, including residential buildings, shopping centres, apartment complexes, townhouse and mixed-use developments, industrial parks, warehouse shells and land subdivisions. We are committed to building a sustainable future for Australian cities and creating places people can proudly call home.

Lygon Court, completed 2005

Our Values and Vision



We are committed to creating dynamic spaces and places that will grow and evolve over time, while honouring and retaining a sense of the past.

Since our establishment in 1962, our in-depth knowledge of market forecasting and property supply and demand has enabled us to prosper through changing economic cycles.

Over the past decade we have committed ourselves to a vision of environmentally and socially sustainable growth and development. We are driven by family values and a genuine desire to see Australian cities and the communities that live in them flourish and thrive now, and in the future.